Steve S. Saroff

I enjoy writing and photography, and at various times in my life have made a living from publishing fiction. I published short stories in Redbook magazine when they used to publish serious fiction, sold movie rights to two of my stories, and published many other short stories in lesser known magazines.

However, for a long time I have kept  my writing to myself as I focused on the companies which I have started and grown.

I have been a founder, adviser, and investor in quite a few start-ups, as well as being a behind the scene advisor to artists, writers, and actors.

Two of my own companies which I co-founded were purchased by public companies. RemoteScan Corporation had over 20,000 corporate customers worldwide when it was purchased in 2011 (RemoteScan is now part of Dell), and FreeMail, Inc (one of the first commercially successful email systems which was used as the world-wide Kinkonet system), was purchased by WAM!NET/MCIWorldCom in 1999.

I am also the 1st investor (and a current stock holder) in Submittable, the online submission system now used by most publishers.

However, I mostly associate my ego with who I was for many years: a drifting runaway.




the best way is through facebook ("steve saroff"), which helps me cut through the spam/scams.
2nd best is by email: ssaroff AT gmail DOT com, however most email does not get read or replied to unless you have some contact or reference that I recognize.

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