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I enjoy wrme-truck-2014iting and photography, and at various times in my life have made a living from publishing fiction (I published two short stories in Redbook magazine when they used to publish serious fiction, sold movie rights to both of those stories, and published many other short stories in lesser known magazines), and selling photos. However, since about 1995 I have kept  my writing and photos to myself as I focused on the companies that I have started and grown. Paradoxically, this site is the public display of some of what is very privately mine: my memories, my feelings, my moods.

In addition to my writing and photography, I am the a co-founder of RemoteScan  Corporation, which had over 20,000 corporate customers worldwide when it was purchased  in 2011 (RemoteScan is now part of Dell), as well as FreeMail, Inc (we created the original world-wide Kinkonet system), which was purchased by WAM!NET/MCIWorldCom in 1999.  I am also a co-founder and partner of the idea/technology investment group Cynical And Jadded. However, I mostly associate my ego with who I was for many years: a drifting runaway.

Steve S. Saroff  Resume:

* Long obsessed with studying, reading, and mountain tops, at 14 I walked alone 500 miles in the Appalachians, then another 500 miles alone when I was 15, and still another 1000 miles alone when I was 16.

* I Left home and school and hitchhiked West when I was 17.

* When I was 19 years old I spent 45 days walking alone in the Bob Marshall. That set the pace for everything that followed: I’ve never been intimidated by wilderness, solitude or ambitious plans. I also appreciate the rewards that come from listening and shared stories; I appreciate people in ways that only someone who has been long alone can.

* I also like writing short stories and published a lot of them a long time ago. Some in what were once high paying magazines. I like simple words and what they can do.

* I left  high school early, but I have a college degree. When I was 22 years I was hired by Bente Winston to be the science teacher at Sussex School, a private elementary school in Missoula (a wonderful job). Starting when  I was 25, I worked for two years as a faculty research assistant for the Oceanography department at Oregon State University, and spent a few months on a ship in the south pacific.  Other than these jobs all my other technical jobs where I have worked for other people have  sucked-shit. Thus I started building my own companies.

* I really enjoy building things that work well.

* Before the Internet (back when programmers could only make a living if they agreed to wear ties and work in cubes), I was a dishwasher, cook, waiter, truck-driver, general laborer, farm hand, nail-pounding carpenter, writer, cattle ranch-hand,musician, carpet installer (the second worst job I ever had), oil-field worker in Sydney, Montana, copy writer for ad agency (the worst), hay bucker, technician in a computer store (also very bad), and a firewood cutter (the best)– and all the time dreaming of where to go next….

* I haven’t outgrown the enthusiasm for what surprises me.

* People who help others have my greatest respect.  We are best remembered for the good we do for others. This the only real goal of mine that is life long.

* I started programming computers as a kid when it was about as financially rewarding as knowing how to fix lawnmowers; I started coding because I loved it. I think I have used about 30 different computer language to make money. I also know a lot about digital electronics, geochemistry, ceramics, entomology, literature, playing music, writing, photography, chess, teaching, and raising kids. When I was 12 years old I learned Morse code and got a ham radio license and stayed awake many nights listening for distant call signs. When I was 20 I built a laser (liquid dye, pulsing) after reading an article in Scientific American.  Recently I started keeping bees as well as being busy with setting up a ceramic studio.  I have been trying to formulate my own glazes and re-learning how to throw pots on a wheel. This is all interconnected.

* Even though this is a resume, I am not looking for any kind of employment, however I like being part of fantastic ideas and will consider investing in or becoming involved with truly surprising and great projects. Contact me if you are working on such a thing and think I would be a good fit. I will consider working on projects for equity and/or board involvement.


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