September 2010

September, 2010

Sep 21st – 22nd, 2010.

Equinox, where day and night are exactly the same.

light and dark will be exactly equal tonight.
and tomorrow night will be longer than the day.

From a recent note I sent: “Remembering the one time i worked on a ship in the south pacific and we were on the equator, exactly on the equator, on the spring equinox, and how at  at noon the sun was center of sky, top of the world and that night there was a nearly full moon and  phosphorescent green glow in the splash of the bow break. This September feels the same.

Thursday, sep 23.

Neighbor Julie came over this morning to tell me that she and her kids had just found two birds which had  flown against a window and were dying. Two. At the same time. I went over to see, and the birds were laying next to each other, less than a foot apart, and about 10 feet beneath the upstairs window that had tricked both of them.

The larger bird, a hawk (I think it is a Sharped Shin Hawk), was already dead, but the smaller one,  I think a young Cedar Waxwing, was still alive, but just barely. I gently lifted him up and held him in my closed hand, thinking that maybe just like a hurt person, warmth would be important. Thought maybe it could be a concussion, and shock, but the bird slowly stopped moving, and cooled.

I think that the hawk was after the waxing, but it might have been the other way around. They had to be very close to each other and going almost exactly in the same direction to have landed next to each other. The first photo shows both birds exactly as they were found.

I weighed both birds. The hawk weighed 177 grams (6 and a quarter ounces). The waxwing weighed 29 grams (one ounce). Their colors were beautiful.

Thank goodness for kids… even teenagers….

little moments where they distract us parents.  Suzanne made me laugh this morning, because as part of Hellgate ‘spirit week’ a lot of the kids are dressing up all week long. Today, Thursday, is superhero day.

Friday, September 24th
Walking on peace/water-work hill. Spray of bluebirds. Lovely, alive, flying…
Calms me…